Our Work
Health System Diagnosis
We carry out assessments of public and private health systems to evaluate the health sector’s performance and gaps. The scope of the assessments is tailored at district, regional or national levels, depending on the local needs. These evaluations can be comprehensive of the entire health sector or be designed focusing only on specific areas (i.e. health financing, pharmaceutical supply chain…etc).
Training & Capacity Building
We prioritise capacity building as one of our core strategies to bring sustainable change in health systems. Our team brings a broad range of experience in staff mentoring and on-the-job training, as well as development and facilitation of training workshops. Through our network, we are also able to mobilise international experts for specific technical trainings as needed.
Health supply chain improvement
Our team has many years of experience working with health supplies, both in the public and private sectors. We are specialists in assisting governments and international agencies in conducting health supply chain reviews, followed by guidance for policy and strategic reform. We also provide expert technical support for quantification of essential medicines and procurement of health commodities.
Health Information Management
Our team evaluates existing information systems, and provides innovative technical solutions for the development and improvement of health data collection and management systems. We also support the design and implementation of health surveys and research projects.
Project Formulation
We can help your organisation identify and formulate new health projects that are technically sound and that address the real needs of the local population. Our services include the development of donor proposals, as well as technical assistance in report writing. We can also help you monitor and evaluate project performance at any stage during implementation.
And more!
We learn every day and work hard to offer innovative solutions that adapt to the needs of your health system.
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